Fun with hair!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

So I've officially added hair to my services and am really excited about it! I got myself a doll head and have been playing! I love the silly thing! I really enjoy the unstructured, undone looks that we are seeing on celebs right now. Here are a couple shots of the things I've been working on so far! Please dont' hesitate to contact me for hair! It's great to have your hair and makeup done for your big day by one person! I had both done for my wedding and it made the morning so relaxing! My rates for hair are $80 for the bride and $60 for each additional.

Lauren's red carpet look minus a couple loose peices down

A different version of a sleep french twist

Found this look in a magazine and loved it!

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Dana & Jeremy said...

Those are so good! The hairpieces are so cute.