Barbara and JR- Palm Springs

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I had so much getting to know Barbara and her girls! They are so low key and relaxed and the whole day had the same vibe!  Barbara envisioned a super simple and minimal makeup and upswept hair!  She wanted a relaxed feel for hair but wanted it to have a bit of drama that would separate it from her typical ponytail she sports regularly.  Barbara is the owner of CrossFit Seal Beach and it shows in her amazingly fit body!!!  Gianna SanFillipo created the most gorgeous old hollywood fete for the lovely couple!  It was breathtaking!  Congrats to the super fun Barb and JR!!  

Photography: Krista Mason
Coordinator: Gianna San Filippo of Chic Celebrations
Hair and Makeup: Kacee Geoffroy  and bridesmaid hair
bridesmaid makeup by resident artist Tera Stultz

Hawaii wedding wardrobe inspiration

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My parents are celebrating their 30 wedding anniversary this year by renewing their vows in Hawaii!  So fun!! I couldn't help but put together little fashion inspiration boards as we started planning the ceremony! My mom is super cute and I wanted her to have a sophisticated but appropriate look. She wasn't into the wedding gown route so we went with this gorgeous "Rent the Runway" beaded cocktail dress from Badgley Mischka!  Amazing!  I will be wearing something similar to the emerald "ModCloth" maxi below and my two little lovelies will be wearing something similar to the sweet little frocks at the bottom. 

Bride inspiration
My mom is super cute and wanted to look fabulous for her 30 anniversary and vow renewal in Hawaii coming up!  I of course appointed myself fashion guru of the event!  
1.  Dress -Rent the Runway
2.  Hair and makeup inspiration- mom loves big hair
3.  Earrings- Nordstrom
4.  Heels- 


Because the ceremony will be on the beach I wanted something soft and flowy but a little sexy without being to much!  I am obsessed with the emerald color of this dress! So excited to flaunt it!

1.  Dress- Modcloth
2.  Hair and makeup inspiration
3.  Heels- Nordstrom
4.  Earrings- Nordstrom

Flower girls 
1.  Pink dress- Zulily
2. Ivory ruffle dress- J.Crew

What guys really think of our trends!

Monday, November 19, 2012

I feel like it's really tricky to get an honest opinion out of a guy when it comes to our looks!  I think they think they are being tricked and maybe they are!  I thought it would be interesting to get a real honest opinion out of my hubby on the latest fall trends.  Everything from the chic Michelle Williams pixi cut to dark lipstick!  Find out what he really thinks about it all!!  

Pixi cut
     ERIK: I'm not a fan of shorter hair than mine.  I dig long hair to be honest.   
 Sock bun versus messy bun 
     ERIK: Clean.  Messy only works if you just walked out of the gym.

      ERIK: I think I would like this if it was not as messy.  I think if my wife wore a more classic looking braid I'd like it.  

Navy blue nails
       ERIK: I dig it.  I like blue so I am kind of by-ist.

 Dark Lipstick
   ERIK: Dark Lipstick is good.  My only worry would be that I would be wearing it after one kiss.  I know my wife has talked about lip stick that stays on and if this color comes in one that stays, I'd dig it!  As a guy, the last thing I am thinking of is the shade of lipstick you decided to wear.

Winged Eyeliner:
ERIK: I'm in the middle on this one... I think that this would be a bit to much for every day.  Maybe for a party or date night.  

Retro Curls 
Retro curls look great.  Looks like you really tried.  I like it when women look like ladies.  

My bikini ready recipe

Friday, November 16, 2012

My family and I are off to Hawaii  not only for Thanksgiving but for my parent's 30 wedding anniversary and vow renewal!! It's time to trim up my eating so I can easily shimmy into my sassy swimsuit with confidence!  In steps the yummy and sexy creations from Candice Kumai's new book " Cook yourself Sexy" !  

Pick up your own copy of this beauty at

Makeup: Same girl three ways!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kristin Stewart 3 ways

Kristin Stewart sure is a chameleon and is an ace at changing up her look!  I love that she can go from natural to edgy to glam in the blink of an eye!

Which is your fave?

How to: Organize your makeup drawers

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's embarrassing to say but yes, this was my makeup drawer and under my sink!!!  Insane!!! I didn't know what I had and what I didn't and kept buying repeats of my fave products! It was time to give it some love!  Here is the before and after of my overhaul!!!! 

I used my old Birchbox boxes and a simple dollar store organizers to handle my statement necklaces and nailpolishes.  I threw out anything I wasn't using or wasn't planning on using and made room for my essentials and fun items.

I boxed my products in categories:
Skin Care
Lip color ( glosses, lipsticks and liners)
Eye products ( eyeliners, mascara, eye shadows, brow products)
Travel (travel size products like toothbrush, shampoo/conditioner and skin care samples)

Below my sink:
Nail ( polishes, removers and pedi products- categorized and contained by season i.e.. darks and brights)
Costume jewelry
Hair products ( partially used or extra items that I don't use much)
Earings ( I lose earrings easily so having them in a makeup pouch all together helps me keep mates together)
Skin care ( masks and extra items that I use sporadically)

 With simply overhauling and organizing my products I was able to see what I have and use it wisely!  I can maximize my fab lip colors and freshen up my look!  Such a fun way to get out a rut!

Lee and Greg- Maxwell House, Pasadena

Monday, November 12, 2012

Lee was just the most relaxed and lovliest of brides! She knew what she liked but was really flexible to what I tried! We landed on soft makeup and upswept hair!  So romantic! I can't deal with her amazing deconstructed gown!  So gorgeous!  Check out more of the pretty here!

Prep location: The Langham, Pasadena
Photographer: Stephanie Trachy 
Hair and Makeup : Kacee Geoffroy

My Grazing Patterns

Monday, November 5, 2012

It's funny...but I often get asked what I eat in a day.  So here it grazing pattern!

Of course all days are different but this happens to be what I ate today!

7:30 Breakfast-Veggie Scramble with coffee
11:00 Snack- small ramican of grapes and string cheese and large water bottle
1:30 mini lunch/snack- Turkey,lettuce roll up and large water bottle
3:00  5 pretzels and 3 strawberries
5:00 Glass of wine while dinner preps
6:00 Chicken Spezzatino
8:00 large marshmellow dipped in Nutella

There you have it!  I keep my meals really mini and portions really under control for the most part.  I prep everyting in ramicans so it looks cute and colorful and the portions are become a no-brainer.  I'm super visual and like a good color filled meal and snack.  I don't really focus on keeping anything out of my diet but do try and keep every balanced.  If a have a more fruit based breakfast I keep my snacks more veggie packed.  I keep up the water intake and really don't feel deprived!