What guys really think of our trends!

Monday, November 19, 2012

I feel like it's really tricky to get an honest opinion out of a guy when it comes to our looks!  I think they think they are being tricked and maybe they are!  I thought it would be interesting to get a real honest opinion out of my hubby on the latest fall trends.  Everything from the chic Michelle Williams pixi cut to dark lipstick!  Find out what he really thinks about it all!!  

Pixi cut
     ERIK: I'm not a fan of shorter hair than mine.  I dig long hair to be honest.   
 Sock bun versus messy bun 
     ERIK: Clean.  Messy only works if you just walked out of the gym.

      ERIK: I think I would like this if it was not as messy.  I think if my wife wore a more classic looking braid I'd like it.  

Navy blue nails
       ERIK: I dig it.  I like blue so I am kind of by-ist.

 Dark Lipstick
   ERIK: Dark Lipstick is good.  My only worry would be that I would be wearing it after one kiss.  I know my wife has talked about lip stick that stays on and if this color comes in one that stays, I'd dig it!  As a guy, the last thing I am thinking of is the shade of lipstick you decided to wear.

Winged Eyeliner:
ERIK: I'm in the middle on this one... I think that this would be a bit to much for every day.  Maybe for a party or date night.  

Retro Curls 
Retro curls look great.  Looks like you really tried.  I like it when women look like ladies.  


Heather Molina said...

LOVE that you got a guy's perspective!! Erik's comments were cute! lol...

kaceegeoffroy.com said...

He is the perfect man's man to pick the brain of!