How to: Organize your makeup drawers

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's embarrassing to say but yes, this was my makeup drawer and under my sink!!!  Insane!!! I didn't know what I had and what I didn't and kept buying repeats of my fave products! It was time to give it some love!  Here is the before and after of my overhaul!!!! 

I used my old Birchbox boxes and a simple dollar store organizers to handle my statement necklaces and nailpolishes.  I threw out anything I wasn't using or wasn't planning on using and made room for my essentials and fun items.

I boxed my products in categories:
Skin Care
Lip color ( glosses, lipsticks and liners)
Eye products ( eyeliners, mascara, eye shadows, brow products)
Travel (travel size products like toothbrush, shampoo/conditioner and skin care samples)

Below my sink:
Nail ( polishes, removers and pedi products- categorized and contained by season i.e.. darks and brights)
Costume jewelry
Hair products ( partially used or extra items that I don't use much)
Earings ( I lose earrings easily so having them in a makeup pouch all together helps me keep mates together)
Skin care ( masks and extra items that I use sporadically)

 With simply overhauling and organizing my products I was able to see what I have and use it wisely!  I can maximize my fab lip colors and freshen up my look!  Such a fun way to get out a rut!

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