My Grazing Patterns

Monday, November 5, 2012

It's funny...but I often get asked what I eat in a day.  So here it grazing pattern!

Of course all days are different but this happens to be what I ate today!

7:30 Breakfast-Veggie Scramble with coffee
11:00 Snack- small ramican of grapes and string cheese and large water bottle
1:30 mini lunch/snack- Turkey,lettuce roll up and large water bottle
3:00  5 pretzels and 3 strawberries
5:00 Glass of wine while dinner preps
6:00 Chicken Spezzatino
8:00 large marshmellow dipped in Nutella

There you have it!  I keep my meals really mini and portions really under control for the most part.  I prep everyting in ramicans so it looks cute and colorful and the portions are become a no-brainer.  I'm super visual and like a good color filled meal and snack.  I don't really focus on keeping anything out of my diet but do try and keep every balanced.  If a have a more fruit based breakfast I keep my snacks more veggie packed.  I keep up the water intake and really don't feel deprived!

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