Love Story

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We all know love is a tricky game! I was approached with this "love story" concept which depicted a relationship from beginning to end or from all angles. First we start with giddy love that is new and fresh and exciting. Then something happens and "he's just not that into you". Once our poor girl has his games figured out she moves on and he comes crawling back. They decide in the end that they are better just as friends and go their separate ways.

Michelle Anelle-Cunningham
Hanssie Trainor
Matthew Saville

Rachel Amara
David Liggett
Derrick Stumpp
Boaty Canyon, Laguna Beach

1 comment:

Alexandra said...

I was so surprised when I saw this cuz I've had the exact same plan for a photoshoot just like this!!! It's really interesting to see that you've done it, and you've done such a great job, my favorite is the one where he's "just not that into her" and she's clinging on him and he's looking directly into the camera. Very powerful. Awesome job :)