The busy girl's makeup routine!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

We all have those days were the minimum effort is just what it's gonna be!  I find myself in this category often....okay everyday!  I take minimal makeup to a whole other level!!  On an everyday basis when not working and meeting with clients I keep my look to a minimum.  I have two little ones under 5 years old and sometimes a mama needs a quick spruce up without much effort. I need a no fuss no touchup makeup routine and here it is!!!

Step 1: Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturized applied with fingers
Step 2:  Laura Mercier Secret Concealer applied with fingers
Step 3: MAC bronzer dusted on cheekbones, temples and neck
Step 4: NARS Orgasm blush dusted on cheeks
Step 5: Maybelline Mascara on top lashes
Step 6: SPF chapstick or lip stain 

This look is great for busy mamas, busy worker bees or the minimal makeup girl!  

Keeps it simple and makes you look polished and put together!!

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Anonymous said...

I love it!!