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Friday, March 8, 2013

I am a lover of a meal plan and instead of doing it weekly I found that mapping out the whole month was much more helpful to me!  Nothing better than taking  "What's for dinner"  off my daily to do list.  I print or put aside the recipes at the beginning of each week to keep everything nice and easy.  I use these adorable printables from JDC monthly to help me organize myself. These printables are so great because not only do they organize your life but they have shopping list broken down by category!  Love it!  Aren't they so fun?!  I get a lot of my recipes from Pinterest and mix them up with older more popular ones that my family gobbles up!  To get my regular food pins follow me on Pinterest here...

By popular demand.......Okay so here's how it goes in the Geoffroy household!!!

I make dinners Monday thru Thursdays mostly.  Fridays we have my oldest daughter's ballet class and we typically go out after that.  Weekends we wing it with going out or decide that day what sounds good!  I like to look ahead at my month and see what weeks are going to be the busiest.  On those weeks I make sure to keep things simple and use the crockpot often!

Week 1 Menu:
M: Chicken and Spinach taquitos
T: Paleo Meatball soup
W: Chicken with Mango Lime salad
Th: Mushroom pizzas with side salad

Week 2 Menu:
M: Steak tacos with cucumber salsa
T: Stuffed chicken
W: Salmon with veggies
Th: Balsamic onion roast

Week 3 Menu: 
M: Blacked chicken with Cilantro lime sauce
T: Balsamic vinegar whiskey steak
W: Coconut Tilapia
Th: Vegan tacos

Week 4 Menu: 
M: Greek Chicken with garlic and feta
T: Beek and broccoli (crockpot)
W: Breakfast burritos
Th: Broccoli w/white bean soup

Each Sunday evening I make my grocery list for the week to include that week's dinner ingredients that I don't have on hand as well as our normal staples...eggs, milk bread, fruit etc....

I hope this is more inspirational than daunting!  I love to cook and consider it my "me" time that my family benefits from!  I hope you can use these tools and start using your kitchen as your domain too!

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Becca said...

This is amazing! Sounds so much better than the rice and beans I just made <3