Ryan and Megan Elopement- Palm Springs

Monday, February 10, 2014

Okay, let's talk elopements!!!!  I am so in love with the romance of an elopement!  There is something so sexy about wisking off with your guy and your best girlfriend and tying the knot!  

When Megan first emailed me about her big day, she mentioned it was an elopement and of course my gushing started about my feelings on elopements.  She was coming from out of state and didn't have time for a trial run.  So we decided the big day was more than fine to get her "undone" hair and fresh face just right!  No problem for me when your bride is as beautiful as Megan!  She was so calm and so excited to be in Palm Springs with her man!  
I adore this shot!  As I was driving in I laughed to myself at the super preppy trio of guys riding vespas with huge smiles on their faces!  I actually mentioned them to Megan as "dorky, beyond excited boys"! Of course, that was our groom and his buddies!!  They were so stoked to have their vespas and didn't mind my teasing when I found out it was them!  

Venue: Palm Springs
Photographer: Blue Window Creative
Hair and makeup: Kacee Geoffroy

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