Rocky and Holly, Fullerton Arboretum

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Yay for Holly and Rocky's wedding!!! I was super excited about this wedding! After Holly's preview I just couldn't wait for her big day! She is beyond the sweetest, cutest bride ever! I was greeted by her amazing mom, whom I am in love with also, and her maid of honor! We had the best time getting to know eachother and chatting about Holly. The flowers were being done at the house also and the whole placed smelt amazing! The bridesmaids and I discovered that Rocky's wedding gift for Holly was at the house and so of course all of us couldn't wait until she got there to see what it was. She burst in the house with the biggest smile on her face and her hair all done and perfect! She looked so happy to be getting married! After my big hug, all of us told her it was time for her to open the present because we couldn't wait any longer! As she read her poem that Rocky had written for her, she started to cry! Then we all were crying!!! I'm just the makeup artist!!! Why am I crying!!! I'm a sucker for that sort of thing! I had the best time and wish them all the happiness in the world! I hope their wedding full of flowers and bbq dinner was as fabulous as they were!! Here are some of the pics I could get my hands on right away. Marlin and Marlena from Marlin Munoz photography were the photogs and man are they good!! Check back for me in a bit!

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Holly said...

You do an AMAZING job! When I saw Marlin and Marlene's pictures, I was like - WOW - Kacee made me look so gorgeous! Thank you so much for being part of Rocky and my special day. All of my bridesmaid's LOVE you and LOVED their make up as well. My mom of course also sends her love... Thank you again. You are so amazingly talented and I am so blessed to have you made me look like a beautiful bride.