My Top Emmy Beauties!

Monday, September 24, 2012

My Top 8 Countdown.....

8.  Hayden Panettiere 
Gorgeous upswept bun and glowing youthful makeup.  She always looks so fresh!

7.  Julianne Moore
I'm a sucker for a red head and Julianne Moore is one of the lovliest!  Adore how she paired her clean and simple eye with burst of lip color to accent her amazing yellow gown! 

6.  Amanda Peet
Amanda does the pearly pinks so well!  Her hair out her face is so lovely on her to keep her look simple and feminine!

5.  Zoey Deschanel
Man can that girl where some bangs!!!  I love her look always because she just has the sweetest sense of personal style!  She keeps it girly and flirty and I dig it!  Gorgeous effortless bangs with her bright lip! Perfect!

4.  Jessica Pane

Can't deal with how gorgeous this look is!  Super sexy and retro!  Just perfection with that red lip and flawless skin!  Not to mention her hair is just stunning!

3.  Heidi Klum
She just can do no wrong!  She just keeps getting better and better!  She always looks so effortlessly glam and put together!  Love her dewy, glowing skin and retro waves!

2.  Julianne Hough
I have never seen Julianne Hough look more gorgeous!!  She looks incredible!!!  I'm insane for her rosy smokey eyes and finger waves!  She looks like a million bucks!!  Way to go Ryan Secrest!!!

1.  Emily Vancamp
 I love Emily's look!  She is statuesque with a accessibility about her!  She just is regal to me!  I LOVE her show Revenge and die for her Emmy look!  She accencuates her flalwess skin with a fresh dewy look and keeps everything super fresh with a nude cheek and lip and a dark lash line!
 Her hair was fabulous in that it was soft and effortless around the face but still exuded a  classic Grace Kelly esque feeling with her undone chignon.

Her details were so soft and feminine against her greige (beige+grey) gown that just floated on her!  I love love love her super sweet bow bracelet, understated clutch and simple ring.   

Who to the cake for you last night in the beauty department??

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