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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Serums are the skin care regimen's secret weapon!!!!  It's an easy step to overlook or skip but these little potions are the key to targeting those tricky areas like Melasma, sun spots, Hyper pigmentation, acne name it!!!  They are the one, two punch your skin needs to get dreamy!!!!


A great skin booster infused with a high powered Vitamin C complex to help smooth out lines and wrinkles while preventing further damage. Loaded with anti-oxidants to fight off environment aggressors and moisture-binding ingredients to hydrate and keep your skin nourished and protected. Totally weightless, this aromatic serum is absorbed instantly and penetrates to the deeper layers of the skin where it goes to work to provide long term results. For All Skin Types Anti-aging A must-have preventative and corrective product Sensitive skin, prone to irritation will benefit immensely from the calming properties of this serum

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Powerful corrective serum formulated to lighten hyperpigmentation and correct surface skin irregularities for brighter, smoother texture and tone. Ideal for sun spots, acne scarring or pigmentation problems caused by hormonal fluctuations or pregnancy. Reduce melasma and resurface skin with kojic acid, renowned for its corrective properties, and azelaic acid. Lighten and brighten skin with antioxidant vitamin C, gallic acid and arbutin.

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This powerful serum will help even out skin tone and lighten skin to new levels of luminosity with THC, lactic acid, lemon and mulberry extracts. It can be used on any skin type and layered with sheer transformation renewing crème.
ingredient benefits
Vitamin C Stimulates collagen production
Lactic acid Provides gentle exfoliation and cell renewal
Lemon extract Cell proliferating, astringent
Mulberry extract Natural fading agent, alternative to chemical lighteners or kojic acid

CAN BE FOUND AT for $48.00

You only really need a pea size of these serums to do the trick.  You can use them under your SPF for daytime use or you can use under your night cream. 

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