What guys think- Valentine's Edition

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

If you aren't familiar with the "What Guys Think" part of this blog check it out here!!! It's a fun little questionaire that I make my foxy hubby answer every couple months!  I think it's hard to get a straight answer sometimes from these guys! 

Here it is girls!!!  All of our Vday questions answered!!

Q. Lingerie...Sweet or Sexy?
A. Sweet

Q. Public or Private smooching?
A.  Private

Q.  What do you boys really want for Valentine's day?
A.  See question 1 or something handy ( new boxers, tools, gift card)

Q. Dinner in or Out?
A. Out 

Q. Do you mind the bright pink lip trend?  
A.  Like it....good for night. 

Q.  Do you guys really hate chick flicks?

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