What love looks like-30th anniversary

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A classic picture of my mom and dad in their early years.  


My family and I visited Hawaii over Thanksgiving for a fun vacation and my parents decided it would be fun to renew they vows.  It was a big anniversary for them and they thought it would be fun.  Now in order to understand the impact that this had on us you have to understand my family.  We show our love with jokes and teasing.  We are affectionate but verbal compliments or "love words" as we call them make us twitch! We don't do romance!!!! Nothing mushy and no grand gesture!!!  Our love is the "bring me my favorite treat because you know we would be happy" kind of love.  It's the "tease me because I'm trying to be fancy" kind of love!  It's the thoughtful kind of love.  A swat on the butt or a sweet kiss on the cheek is much more of a love gesture than any grand showing.  My parents have this love and so my brother and I have adopted it as well!
    As we picked out outfits and laughed at the mushiness of it all, we had no idea of how impact full the event would be.  My dad came to me a couple weeks before the trip and said he wanted to get my mom a new ring.  My mom's wedding ring is stunning but over the years she wears it and then would take it off for a bit because it would get snagged on things or what not.  So for years she hasn't worn a wedding ring.  We talked about some options and off he went.  My dad has incredible taste and I knew he would find something perfect for her. We kept it at our house for the last week before our trip and all tried to keep tight lipped!  It's hard to pull a surprise like this from my mom!
      As the ceremony was getting started I could see my dad's face grow serious. It was his emotional face when I know he is feeling those uncomfortable unspoken feelings. My mom is having a great time and is so casual about the whole thing.  She has no idea whats in store. They move on to the exchanging of the rings and my dad slips on her new sparkle.  Her first words are "this isn't my ring" and she is so confused.  She lets it go but looks mixed up. She can't figure out why no one is saying anything about the ring or correcting it.  After about 5 minutes, it hits!!  Her face lights up like I've never seen and she realizes that he has given her a new ring.  He stops the ceremony and speaks the most lovely words that only my dad can say.    He spoke of his undying love for my mom and us kids.  He spoke of his love for my husband and my brother's girlfriend and my kids.  It was just incredible.  As the ceremony wrapped up, there was a whole new feeling in the air.  It was like we were voyers on my parents wedding day.  Their love was like it was on their wedding day 30 years before.  I've seen their wedding video many times and the look on their faces 30 years later was the same.  To be able to witness this love was life changing.  I always new their love was special but to visually witness such an intimate moment that included us kids and my daughters was amazing.
     I hope for their love!  As Erik and I raise our daughters and grow together, I look forward to that look after our 30 years.
Happy 30 anniversary to my incredible parents!

My sweet brother and his adorable girlfriend

My handsome hubby and myself

Our two most precious possessions


Tenetia Di Salvo said...

Beautiful, Kacee! Your family has always been one that I have looked up to, and been inspired by! xoxo

stickgirljam.com said...

A true love story and what beauty has been created by it! Cheers!

P.S. That blue dress? You're gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing moment for your family! The picture of Bruce and Lisa as toddlers has got to be a prize winning photo, precious of them both.

Congrats to all!!

Cathy Seiberling said...

That was MY comment, so weird.