How to: Prepare for a Boudior shoot

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Boudior shoots seem scary but they are so fun and can be so liberating and empowering!  I've done multiple shoots myself for fun and for my hubby. He loves love loves them and I get to play dress up for the day!  I've compiled some tips and tricks to make yourself feel and look your best on your shoot day!  

Photo courtesy of Femina Studios, makeup Amy Clarke, hair Kacee Geoffroy

1.  Book photographer or studio that you like the style of. Meet them or speak with them and get comfortable.  These people will see you in your panties so get acquainted!

2.  Start gathering inspiration for the look of your shoot.  Some great places to find inspiration are Victoria's secret and W Magazine.  Think outside the box....sometimes the simplest of concepts turn out  the best.  If you aren't sure, ask your photographer...most likely they will have loads of amazing concepts.

3.  Start focusing  your eating on lots of veggies and lean meats and drink lots of water.  Cleaning up your diet will help you feel lean and boost your body image!

4.  A week before your shoot, get a bikini or brazilian can absolutely opt to shaving but I found it much more comfortable knowing that I was super groomed!

5.  Self tan or spray tan a couple days before your shoot!  It will help sculpt your look and make you look super itty bitty!

6. Get a mani/pedi a couple days before.  I know it seems silly but I always feel super put together when I've had my toes and fingers done!

7.   Shop for your ensemble.  This should be fun!  Take an unbiased girlfriend with you and go with your gut.  What you like the best and feel most comfortable in is what you should get.  Your body will never be exactly how you want it so go with what you like now.  Confidence is the key to any look!

8.  Hire or ask your photographer for hair and makeup artist referrals.  Having this extra pampering will make all the difference. You will truly get the whole look together and feel like a supermodel!  Artist know the tricks to making you look amazing for the camera!  Worth every dime!!!

9.  Day of...have a little glass of champagne or wine to unwind. Trust your photographer to instruct and coach you!  They will not make you look bad!!!

10.  Release your inner supermodel!  The more you play and flirt with the camera the better your shoot will go!  It may feel silly but I can assure you it will look fabulous!

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